Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exploring the Back Roads: Part 1

My friend Wendy and I took our first venture onto the Michigan country back roads.

This barn is really cool. (We were cheating, a little. We know the fellow who owns this barn)

And I love the door.

This actually caught my eye on my way home.

We found this guy poking his head through to munch on lunch.

Take a very close look at the saloon doors to fully appreciate the complete weirdness of this yard d├ęcor.

We found this strange little buggy.

The buggy's owner decided to pose.

These giant hale bales caught our attention.

Hale-bale farmer Don poses while Wendy shoots a portrait. Country folk are very accommodating.

Poison sumac is dangerous, yet beautiful.

Beautiful tree, great sky.

This willow tree is magnificent. I'll likely shoot it again in the summer.


Keith said...

Hey Jenn, great stuff ! Looks like a fun backcountry trip. Great to hear from you and hope you're doing great!

umama said...

I love those buggy photos... with a couple of adjustments on Photoshop the colors would be intense and amazing!

Carlota Vasconcelos said...

poison sumac? absolutely fantastic picture. congratulations.