Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exploring the Back Roads: Part 1

My friend Wendy and I took our first venture onto the Michigan country back roads.

This barn is really cool. (We were cheating, a little. We know the fellow who owns this barn)

And I love the door.

This actually caught my eye on my way home.

We found this guy poking his head through to munch on lunch.

Take a very close look at the saloon doors to fully appreciate the complete weirdness of this yard d├ęcor.

We found this strange little buggy.

The buggy's owner decided to pose.

These giant hale bales caught our attention.

Hale-bale farmer Don poses while Wendy shoots a portrait. Country folk are very accommodating.

Poison sumac is dangerous, yet beautiful.

Beautiful tree, great sky.

This willow tree is magnificent. I'll likely shoot it again in the summer.

Brrrrr. Floes.

I ventured down to the river early-early one frosty morning and found this:

The view behind me looked like this:

The afternoon brought more ice: